Jen, I've never lived in NYC but having left many places I've loved (12 cities across 8 different countries in 37 years of life), this hit home: "I am saying goodbye to so much, including a decade’s worth of friends and familiarity that came from _devouring_ everything this city had to offer."

And this brought up such a vivid, touching memory (of seeing my beloved grandma for the last time), and tears to my eyes:

"The clarity with which we saw each other in those moments has seriously made me want to become a death doula. Everything that could ever need to be said was said, without saying anything. I count those few seconds as one of the truest, most beautiful memories of my life."

Beautiful writing with incredible depth. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for reading and reminding me of what I long ago forgot I wrote 😂

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Don't you worry...we keeping this friendship going!

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